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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

My Passion for Hunting and the Deutsch Kurzhaar:

My first friend in life was a mixed breed puppy given to me by my Father as a birthday present. I was eight years old and became fascinated with the simple command reward method of training. With a little guidance from my Dad I easily taught the pup to sit, come, and put its paw up to shake my hand.  

Though the dog's training never went much beyond learning to obey those three commands, I took great pride in its ability to do those few things. The dog also did a few other things that I didn't need to teach it. For example the pup readily took to swimming, stalking and chasing squirrels and birds, and did so without any reward or coaxing. On occasion he even caught a squirrel. One hot summer afternoon I saw him pull a small bass from the thick weeds surrounding the edge of the small pond across the street from my house.

My Father told me that the dog did those things naturally. He told me that the pup's ability was do to the presence of some Spaniel blood in his breeding. At the time I had no idea that my Dad was eluding to the dog's inherited traits. Eventually I came to understand that those abilities could be attributed to hunting instinct passed down over many generations. Even in my mixed breed puppy the instinct to hunt game was apparent. 

A boy's simple awe of how dogs can be trained and their natural skills combined with the unbreakable bond that results from raising and teaching a pupppy is likely why, with few years as exception, I've always had a dog at my side.

I could have become fond of any type of dog, if weren't for my Mother's anecdotes about my Grandfather and how much bird dogs and bird hunting had meant to him. She explained how he'd held any quality hunting dog in high esteem. During the depression a good hunting dog sometimes was the difference between a good meal and a poor one. One of the few photos I have of my Granddad is of him quail hunting with his favorite setter.

Stories about my Grandfathers' love for hunting and hunting dogs, my own love for dogs, and my undying passion for hunting and all things outdoors, is what lead me to purchase my first bird dog in 1986; a German Shorthairef Pointer. It was the first pure bred dog I'd ever owned and the first dog I'd ever paid for. From 1986 through 2003 I owned, and hunted over, German shorthairs.

Hunting versatility is what the Kurzhaar is all about!

It wasnt until late in 2003 I discovered the versatile hunting Deutsch Kurzhaar. At the same time I discovered a practicing "performance-based" breeding and training system that I believe is the most effective system for advancing the right genetics to produce one of the best versatile hunting dogs in the world today; the versatile Deutsch Kurzhaar.

Since discovering the Deutsch Kurahaar, and what I conider the ideal metric system for measuring performance, I have dedicated myself to training and hunting over the versatile Deutsch Kurzhaar. I fully embraced the German performance based breeding system that I've seen consistantly generate unsurpassed "dog talent". 

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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

Gary Fleming